How To Know When Your Baby Outgrows Their Car Seat

Whether your child is in a forward or rear facing car seat, one thing holds true. They will eventually outgrow it.

Previously, parents were advised to keep their child in a rear facing car seat until they were 2 years old, and then switch to a forward facing car seat. This advice has since changed. Children are now to stay rear [...]

Time To Stop And Walk

Like we have discussed before, there comes a time when you can no longer carry your child. They simply become too old or heavy to carry and you have to stop. It might even be causing medical issues, which can be a clear signal that your body is telling you that sadly you can’t cope any more. For every child [...]

Forward or Backward?

If you are using a carrier or wrap – as opposed to a sling which may offer less options – one of the big questions is how to carry them: facing forward or backward? For infants there isn’t really a choice. They need to be prone. For older children though you get more a choice. So which way is best for you?

This is assuming that there isn’t some sort of <a [...]

Back Problems

Since my last article on what was the right sling for you, I’ve been having discussions about back pain. This can be a problem for people carrying their babies in slings, wraps or carriers. Indeed it can be a problem for people carrying their baby in [...]

The Right Sling (Or Thing) For You

What’s the right type of baby sling for you? Slings, wraps, carriers…there’s a lot of options out there and its time this site had a look through them. If you’re a new parent, or need something to carry your child in for the Holiday season then read this article to review the different options for you:

Baby Slings

A sling goes over one shoulder and is [...]

How To Find The Best Double Stroller?

There are certain situations where young parents may search to find a double stroller. Double strollers are very helpful and convenient for a couple that may already have a small child at home and are expecting another addition. Another situation may be when the parents have been informed by their doctor that they are expecting twins.

If the parents live an active lifestyle, a jogging [...]

Review: Jane Nanuq – Umbrella Stroller With Impressive Features

Jane is a company based in Spain that was founded in 1932 by a dad who wanted to make sure his son was safe and comfortable in his stroller. Over the years this company has become one of the top of the line manufacturer of Strollers and car seats. Jane’s aim is to make sure all of its products are designed for babies’ safety and health using technological innovations.

The Jane [...]