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Review: Jane Nanuq – Umbrella Stroller With Impressive Features

Jane is a company based in Spain that was founded in 1932 by a dad who wanted to make sure his son was safe and comfortable in his stroller. Over the years this company has become one of the top of the line manufacturer of Strollers and car seats. Jane’s aim is to make sure all of its products are designed for babies’ safety and health using technological innovations.

The Jane [...]

Good Parenting Tips For New Moms or Dads

Whether you are already a parent or simply considering starting a family, it is important to understand how to be a good parent. When it comes to good parenting tips, everyone has an opinion. However there are a few common threads.

Give your child a choice

When dealing with a child, especially a toddler, reasoning with them does not always work. If the child is feeling cranky, [...]